MASTERFLEX – Technische Schläuche & Verbindungen


Do you have general questions about the organisation, our locations or would you like to make a specific inquiry about Masterflex? Or are you looking for a special contact person for a specific department? We have some suggestions for you to choose from.

MASTERFLEX – Technische Schläuche & Verbindungen
MASTERFLEX – Technische Schläuche & Verbindungen
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Hoses on demand? Carefree service offer for maintenance personnel

You want your business to run without interruptions - that's your motto? Then you're well advised to choose us as your maintenance partner.

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Attention maintenance staff - we offer fast solutions and top quality

How important is good communication to you? We consider it essential, which is why our goal is to assign you a permanent contact person. Our field service therefore ensures that you have a permanent contact person who keeps a close eye on your requirements.

This is a great advantage for you, because your contact person knows you and your needs. If the worst comes to the worst, he can react quickly and offer you the products you really need. With our binding framework agreements, you safeguard yourself and your equipment and ensure optimum processes.

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Repaired as quickly as possible - Masterflex helps within 48 h (or less)

As part of our standard service, we actively support you in keeping your equipment running by providing a new hose within 48 hours. So you can be sure that your plant will not stand still (for a long time).

In case of recurring failures, our competent colleagues will help you to identify and eliminate the problem. Sometimes there is a more suitable product, the connection has not been installed properly or there is a lack of installation know-how. In order to meet all safety-related requirements, we always offer further information on our products, such as installation instructions and, of course, expert advice.

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In the case of one customer who had problems with the system, I myself was up to my knees in slurry to find the fault - at the end of the story we were able to fix the fault and our customer was and still is happy!

Christian Gemsa, Sales Director Export Europe – Industrial Solutions

Better maintenance with the highest quality

Our site in Gelsenkirchen offers you the opportunity to conduct an audit on site so that you can personally convince yourself of the quality of our products. This type of inspection procedure is common for certification in the context of quality assurance. For this purpose, the compliance with specifications, standards or guidelines in the producing company is controlled and documented.

Sustainable quality assurance for maintenance staff

We also aim to create supply chain transparency for all our products. In terms of sustainability and compliance, goods should be transparent and their components traceable. This is still a seemingly utopian task, but it helps everyone to prevent undignified working conditions in the long term and to show the necessary respect for nature and living creatures. We, too, are happy to take the appropriate measures to achieve this.

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Getting there fast: The most important links for our plant operators and maintenance staff

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The hose finder - quickly and specifically to the desired product

Are you looking for a hose with very specific properties? Our product finder will help you find the right hose for your application. Simply enter important parameters such as medium, temperature resistance or pressure behavior and you will quickly and specifically receive your desired product.

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Preventing the big bang

In plants that grind grain, process wood, or otherwise deal with the distribution of powders and dusts, there is always a risk of explosion. To properly protect equipment against electrical charges in these cases, we offer expert advice so you can install our hose connections properly.

You are also welcome to take a look at our white paper on the subject of dust explosions, which explains the dangers and describes the correct way to deal with them in more detail.

More about dust explosions  Installation instructions for correct grounding

What we do for users

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Simply focus on the plants

Thanks to many years of cooperation with plant operators and maintenance companies, we know what these customers don't want: even more bureaucracy. Cooperation partners should simply fulfill their actual task.

To prevent bureaucracy from getting in the way of your daily routine, Masterflex offers options for simplification.

Suitable framework agreements for maintenance staff

Maintenance engineers want to prevent plant downtime. To this end, we offer you framework agreements in which we assure you that you will receive a replacement product as quickly as possible if required. We have this in stock for you - regardless of whether it's standard hoses or custom-made products.

Framework agreements are proof of a trusting cooperation and enable a win-win situation. We enjoy a long-term customer relationship and you will receive your customized product within 48 hours.

By means of"Predictive Maintenance" a reduction of downtimes can be achieved or they can be avoided completely - please feel free to contact us!

Simple processes and clear information make the maintenance engineer's heart beat faster

Even for special products, we offer you framework agreements to ensure security of supply. This means that your customized connection solution, including the corresponding assembly, is available from us on demand. Our good reputation for quality and safety standards precedes us in the industry.

  • The simple, digital ordering process (via EDI) is easy and convenient to use.
  • We offer worldwide support through our large network.

Engineering Services - exactly what you need

Our Engineering Services (as a generic term) help you with complex installation situations. Here we offer two options.

The adaptation of an existing hose as a special hose is a standard service for us. With our hoses, many of the features can be customized: from the appearance (such as the color) to the interior (e.g. the wire).

More info: Special hoses

For complete in-house developments, our development team will guide you through the appropriate phases of product development. Our broad knowledge of industries, applications and materials helps create a special, high-quality and new product.

More information: Development Solutions

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How you benefit from the know-how of the entire Masterflex Group

Engineering Services

You have questions about products or would like to talk to our experts. Write us via our contact form!

We look forward to talking with you!

You have questions about our products, individual solutions or special application areas and requirements? Feel free to contact us! We look forward to talking to you! 

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Our team for direct contact

Find the right contact person in our sales team.

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